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"Personal, dependable service and competitive rates are our priority." 
When shopping for rates, call Gold Coast Title Company Services Inc. and allow us to be your first choice.
Only One Premium: 
Unlike other forms of insurance, the original premium is your only cost as long as you or your heirs own the property. There are no annual payments to keep your owner's title insurance policy in force.
What will the company do for you?
First, the title company will examine the public land records to investigate information surrounding the title and the property you are purchasing. The search of land records will determine:
  1. That the seller of the property is, in fact, the legal owner and that all such owners are party to the contract.
  2. That the "estate" or degree of title, which you have agreed to buy, is currently and accurately vested in the seller.
  3. The presence, if any, of open mortgages, judgments or other liens, which must be satisfied before a "clear" title can be conveyed to you.
  4. Existing restrictions, easements or rights of way for roads, public utilities, etc., which may limit your rights to use of the property or grant rights to others who are not owners.
  5. The status of property taxes and other public or private assessments.
These matters of title will be reflected in a commitment for title insurance, which will be issued to the mortgage lender and to you at or near the time of closing.

​What additional services does the title company provide? 
In addition to the title search, the title company will be responsible for preparation of all documents necessary for the transfer of title, financing and closing. The closing is also conducted by the title company, which handles the transfer of all funds between the buyer, seller, lender and all other interested parties. The parties are assembled at a time and place most convenient to everyone, where papers are explained, signed, exchanged and all financial matters concerning the purchase are set out fully for review and approved by all parties.
Please stop in and visit any member of our team. Our professional and experienced staff members are experts in their individual roles. We are proud to acknowledge our well-qualified team with more than 125 years of accumulated experience in the title insurance industry. We offer the friendliest service and rates in town. Stop in for a visit . . . you will be happy you did.

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